On-Site Cleaning: Textiles, Drapery & Home Furnishings

On Site Cleaning Team: Textiles, Drapery & Home Furnishings

Home - Office - Aircraft - Yacht - Retail

Jeeves’ On-Site team of talented craftspeople can take care of any fabric window treatment or interior textile, no matter how complicated. A complete and thorough cleaning using our exclusive “by-hand” method allows us to promise “No Shrinkage or Damage, Guaranteed.”

This service allows the Jeeves team to clean “on-site” almost any textile or leather that cannot be transported to our production facility.

The Jeeves team can travel anywhere to clean any interior to the same exacting standards and level of craftsmanship that we employ at our production facility; including aircraft, yacht, vehicle, office and home interiors.

Estimates for service are complimentary. A complete pre-cleaning condition report is written prior to the start of any project.

Jeeves can clean and restore all interior textiles so that textures are rejuvenated and colors are given new vibrancy. Most of our work can be completed in one day without the inconvenience of having your window treatments or interior textiles removed, only to be brought back weeks later.

If your drapery and custom window treatments need to be removed for a renovation or painting project, the Jeeves team can take care of this as well. Our craftspeople will photo document, remove, hand-clean and reinstall your window treatments at your convenience. Jeeves can store your window treatments in our storage vault for long term renovation projects.